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Estonian Fire Artists Society


About Us

Estonian Fire Artists Association develops, promotes and enhances the reputation of fire arts in Estonia and on the international scene: coordinates the activities of the Fire Artists, recognizing their members, enhancing their reputation and authority, and motivating the exchange of experience within the Society; organizes meetings, lectures, courses, conferences, workshops, performances, demonstrations, concerts, parties, outings, charity events and establishes special funds; selects fire artists from its members to perform in international competitions; cooperates with other professional associations of performing arts and other organizations with the same aim in Estonia and abroad; Protects the copyright, performing and other rights of its members in the field of performing arts; fights against copying of performances, originalities and inventions; refrains from harming the interests of one of its members in favor of another; works on the introduction of new handling techniques and the production of fire art tools; procures the necessary materials and raw materials; develops, promotes, supports and collaborates with other original genre artists and other arts and sports.

Our Events:

Information about upcoming events can be found on our Facebook page. You can get information about dance courses, fire safety courses and workshops by writing to us on Facebook or by e-mail (info (at)

The summer event – Dance & Fire Battle, is a fun and energetic improvisational competition of dance, body tricks, tricks with tools and body movement.

ETAL has been organizing a winter event FAWCup – Fire Artists World Cup since 2013. More info about this event here : and on our FB page.

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+372 55697951